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Aggressive cats

Aggression is the second most common behaviour problem in cats, after inappropriate elimination. An aggressive cat entails a certain danger if you are planning to share your home with it. Problems with aggression may vary from cats that interact as little as possible with family members or that hiss when approached to cats that attack people directly and violently. The cat may always behave this way or it may single out certain family members or houseguests.

Pet allergies

An allergy is a hypersensitivity or abnormal reaction to a substance that most people usually find harmless. Substances that cause allergies are known as allergens.
Many people are allergic to substances found in the environment, such as pollen, dust mites or plants. They may be allergic to many other things: certain types of foods, textiles or chemicals.

Pet food

A great many owners still think that food they have lovingly cooked themselves should be the first, even the only, food of choice for their pets.
However, commercial pet foods meet all the requirements of a proper nutritional diet. In a short time we have gone from diseases caused by food deficiencies, such as rickets, to diseases caused by their opposite, such as obesity.

Senior pets

It is now possible to talk about geriatrics for companion animals. If you think back, you will realise how pet care has developed: only thirty years ago, cats were not expected to live more than six years. Their life expectancy nowadays is frequently double that figure.
In dogs, maximum life expectancy is about 27 years, although most dogs live to be between thirteen and fifteen years old.

Should dogs eat bones?

Dogs are frequently given bones to eat by their owners (generally, leftovers from the Sunday meal). Dogs are always disposed to eat bones, but this is not a good reason to think that bones are good for them or, even more, that what we are doing is good for them.
Small bones (from rabbit, pork, lamb, chicken or other animal species) may cause a lot of damage.


Most of us do not value the importance of water given that, in most cases, it is easily available just by opening a tap.
Pets, however, depend once more on their owners’ concern and attitude. Daily access to fresh, clean water is indispensable for man’s “best friends”.
You must keep in mind that this element is of vital importance, essential but frequently not valued. A proper diet is the main requisite for your pets’ best health, and this ideal diet includes water.
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