Veterinary surgeons and zoonoses

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Veterinary surgeons and zoonoses

Veterinary surgeons are, without a doubt, the professionals that have the best information on the measures necessary to prevent or fight zoonoses. They are also the professional sector that contributes the most material and human resources, and the main barrier between animal and human diseases. Veterinary surgeons practice in the following sectors:

  • Veterinary surgeons who work for farmer organizations, veterinary surgeons who practice independently in the agricultural sector and veterinary inspectors under the authority of the Conselleria de Agricultura (Agriculture Department of the Regional Government of Valencia) are responsible for planning, implementing and enforcing animal health programs.
  • Veterinary surgeons who practice independently as food safety consultants and veterinary surgeons who are official food safety inspectors are responsible for food safety monitoring and for controlling animal products.
  • Veterinary surgeons who practice independently in veterinary practices monitor pet health and carry out an important job in the promotion of human health by providing guidelines and recommendations to owners about how to live safely with their pets.

The efforts of veterinary surgeons are always aimed toward protecting the population through animal care. The web of our professional College ( includes a directory of professionals in all of these sectors.